Dedicate Core Server HostingNo Over Allocation. No Player Slot Limits.All your Servers in one Hosting PlatformView Supported Games
Easliy share resourcesShare your CPU and Memory Resources among your servers.Decide you want to play Valheim for the night? Simply stop your Minecraft server and deploy a Valheim server.No need to adjust pricing or go through complicated change over processes!
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Large Library of GamesWith our growing library of supported games you can stick with us for all the games you play.
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Dedicated by DefaultIncrease your servers performance and reliability with 404systems. We don't over-allocate CPU resources.With Dedicated Threads, you can count on consistent, 24/7, performance.
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Already know what you want?With our flexible pricing only pay for the resources you need
$1.50 per Logical Core
$0.75 per GiB Memory
$0.15 per GiB SSD
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