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Satisfactory Server HostingElevate your Satisfactory gameplay with 404systems. Dedicated CPU cores optimize factory operations, and SSD storage ensures swift resource management. Our custom control panel lets you fine-tune your server for maximum efficiency.
Why 404inc?
Dedicated ResourcesWhen you run your Satisfactory server with us you get dedicated Logical CPU Cores. That means your server won't be sharing with other guests.
Multiple ServersDeploy as many servers as your available resources allow.
Flexible DeploymentsChange the CPU and Memory resources allocated to each of your servers at any time.
Custom Control PanelOur custom control panel, Quarterdeck, makes it easy to manage all of your servers. Be they web servers, VPSs, or game servers.
SSD StorageYour active data is always stored on SSDs. This provides great performance in disk heavy tasks such as world loading.
Free BackupsWhen you buy SSD storage 2x the SSD Storage you buy is available to you in archival storage. Combined with our deduplicated backup system, you will have plenty of archival space.
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BasicJust enough
2 Logical Cores
10 GiB Memory
$11.25 per Month
AdvancedWhen you're running multiple servers at the same time.
4 Logical Cores
20 GiB Memory
10 GiB SSD
$22.5 per Month
Spec-out your Game ServerDial in the exact resources you need for your servers. If you want to go beyond specific plans, our easy to use pricing calculator can help you order what you need.
$1.50 per Logical Core
$0.75 per GiB Memory
$0.15 per GiB SSD
Free Backups
Logical CoresNumber of Logical Cores allocated to you.
MemoryGigabytes of RAM allocated to you.
SSD StorageGigabyes of SSD Storage allocated to you. Note: Limited to 100gb per Volume.
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